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The Olde Glory Story

Or, How We Became Farmers

It all started with a square foot garden bed, and my desire for a more natural fertilizer. That's how the O'Dells ended up with chickens, and the itch for something better.

After moving to the property now called "Olde Glory Farm", my husband Robb and I, along with our three kids quickly increased the numbers of chickens, planted a 1/4 acre of garden in vegetables, bought rabbits and brought home some goats. 

Fast forward 9 years, and we are about to start our 10th season as vegetable and flower farmers. Our need for something better turned out to be a desire to give people a healthier way to eat, a way to return to naturally grown foods that tasted like actual food their grandparents grew, that had been grown without chemicals, and had helped increase biodiversity on their farm.

We want your food and flowers to be the very best. That is why we continue to offer a farm share (CSA) every year. Not everyone can live out their dream on a large farm, but they CAN reap the benefits of the local farms around them. We hope you'll join us this year, and visit us at our market farm stand on Fridays at the Union Township Farmer's Market, from 4-7pm at 4350 Aicholtz Rd, and in New Richmond at Haussermann Park, on Sundays, from Noon to 4pm!

Free Range Hen

About Our Products

Here at the farm, we grow a variety of vegetables, but we don't stop there. We offer farm fresh eggs from our chickens and ducks, and offer baked goods at our stand whenever possible.

As if that wasn't enough, we also grow beautiful flowers! We offer these bouquets at our markets, along as sell direct to florists, and those needing seasonal flowers for weddings and special events, through our floral side,

K. Marie Flowers & Gifts

All our products are grown without the use of harmful chemicals. We utilize companion planting and the use of beneficial insects wherever possible, to make sure your food and flowers are sustainable. For our vegetables, we are 100% committed to using organic seed and earth friendly growing practices to ensure your food is the very best in nutrition, flavor and safety.


Earth-Friendly. Always.

Mother Nature knows what she's doing. From asparagus to zucchini, and everything in between, we believe our garden grows best when we don't add dangerous chemicals. We work hard to make sure your food tastes like it should.

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