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Today, as food supply chain woes continue to worsen across the country and cost of food is in a constant climb, many are ready to learn how to grow their own vegetables, fruits, herbs and more to give them the freshest food options at home.

Robb & Katie are passionate about helping others learn to establish, care for, and harvest from their very own gardens, and have begun to offer their members, customers, and community the opportunity to put their best foot forward when starting their gardens this year!

Katie has published her first book, "Grow Your Own: A Beginner's Primer to Vegetable Gardening", which you can purchase and download from our shop. It is also available on Amazon for Kindle compatible devices. 

Robb & Katie are also offering Garden School, which will allow you to learn one on one with Katie as she walks you through garden site selection, layout and design, seed and transplant selections, starting your own seeds, healthy soil, weed and pest control, identifying common garden diseases, proper water techniques, fertilizing, composting, and so much more!

In 2023, Olde Glory Farm is launching Garden School: The Series. This series will cover vegetable gardening, annual and perennial gardening, native gardening, and landscape design to maximize your chosen plants. The series will include four full day classes over the course of four months. Sign up for the full series, or an individual class! 

Classes will be held 2/11/23, 2/25/23, 3/25/23, and 4/22/23 at Living Roots Church, 4561 St Rt 132, Batavia, OH, beginning at 10AM. Register in our online store!

Bring a notebook, your favorite writing utensil, all your questions, and be ready to learn! We'll have a swag bag full of helpful items, giveaways, and a light lunch to round out your day of discovering best practices to grow all your own veggies and a beautiful flower garden this summer!

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