Frequently asked questions

What is a CSA or Farm Share?

A CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. We like to call it a farm share, because you are purchasing a share in whatever is produced at our farm each growing season. Your upfront payment allows us to purchase equipment, seeds, plants, and other supplies we will need to grow food for our customers throughout the season. In return, you get to enjoy a portion of the produce from the farm.

Can I visit your vegetable farm in Cincinnati?

We are currently not set up for visitors here at the farm, but we LOVE seeing people come by our market booth during farmer's market season! We will be operating our own, independent market stand located east of Cincinnati in either Amelia or Batavia this year. We expect to be set up on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and possibly Sundays in 2021!

What if I don't recognize some veggies in my share?

It's okay if you have no idea what that crazy looking cabbage thing is in your share. It's a kohlrabi, and it's great for making a slaw! Each week, members will get a list of what vegetables, herbs and fruits will be in their share. We'll share recipes, tips and tricks throughout the season so that you not only know what is coming, but how to meal plan around your share, how to prepare the items you'll get, how to store them so they last as long as possible, and how to use them or preserve them quickly if you get overwhelmed. And, if you REALLY hate eggplant or any other veggie, just let us know. We can customize your share so that nothing really goes to waste. Although...have you tried eggplant lasagna??!!

You grow flowers too?! What if I need a florist?

We sure do! Katie is a florist by trade, so her love of flowers and growing things definitely marry well! We will have a limited amount of premade bouquets each week at market, but if you're a florist, or someone who needs flowers for a wedding or special event, let us know! We sell stems by the bucket, bunch, or professionally designed bouquet.

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