2022 Farm Market Membership
  • In 2022, revolutionize your grocery list. Olde Glory Farm offers a farm share, which allows you a weekly share of what we produce here on the farm. Early in the season, that's lots of great leafy greens for salads, fresh peas, cucumbers, and farm fresh eggs. As spring gives in to summer, you'll be loaded up with tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, broccoli, peppers of all kinds, green beans and corn on the cobb. As the season winds down, you'll see winter and summer squashes, pie pumpkins, potatoes, and enjoy the last of the field grown tomatoes, and welcome back favorites like cucumbers and greens from the spring. Being a farm share member will challenge you to use foods in new ways, and explore flavors and recipes that you would not ordinarily find when shopping in a traditional grocery store. Our foods are grown from organic seed, and raised in earth friendly methods, then safely harvested and stored until distribution - many times they have only left the field hours before you receive them!


    In 2022, YOU have control over your share. Purchase a gift card in an amount of your choosing, ranging from $100-500 and use it to shop our market stand each week. You'll choose which products fit your schedule, lifestyle and taste buds that week, and the quantity you'll need. Whatever you "spend" that week will be applied against the pre-purchased amount of your gift card. As a member you will always save 20%, even if the gift card has been used up! This new member choice model will allow you the freedom to shop according to your needs and stillget great quality foods for your family.


    Gift cards are reloadable, so if you've never done a CSA Farm Share before, grab the $100 option and give us a try! If you want to stay a member, just reload the card with an amount and start shopping the stand!


    The best part of pre-purchasing your groceries? We'll ADD another 20% to the amount you choose, so you can get up to $100 in FREE products from our market stand in 2022!!


    Our market stands will be available during the week in Batavia, OH, and on Sundays at the New Richmond Farmer's Market.


    Can't make it to our stand? Grab 5 neighborhood or work friends to join you, and we'll deliver to your subdivision or place or employment during the week. To utilize this option, the participants must be available to pick up a pre-packaged subscription box on Tuesday or Thursdays, and a minimum of six participants must have purchased at least a $200 gift card to utilize during the market season. 

    2022 Farm Market Membership

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